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Apostle John Kimani William: 7 Principles for Effective Ministry
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“When you see God as He truly is, your vision changes.”

Those words aptly describe Apostle John Kimani William’s approach to Christian service. He believes that there is no limit to the power of God, that every promise in the Word of God is backed up by enough power to bring it to pass.

“Supposing you went to the office of your local chief in need to help,” Apostle Kimani explains, “what would be your expectations? Just up to the level of the authority of the chief, which happens not to be much. The scenario would be different if you were granted audience by the Head of State. You would expect him to order that you be granted every request that you place before him.

“What about when you stand before God, the creator of heaven and earth? Why do we lower our expectations when we stand before God? It is because we do not see God as He is.

“The Bible says that by faith, Moses “left Egypt, not fearing the king’s anger; he persevered because he saw him who is invisible,” (Heb. 11:27). That changed Moses’ view of everything. He harboured no fear of Pharaoh – because he had seen God, who is invisible. That made all the difference.”

Apostle Kimani then asks a question that many people have most likely never considered.

“Why is it that an individual can own a fleet of trucks, and nobody finds it strange? We believe that they are rich enough, so it is ok. But when a church buys a single truck for evangelism, questions get asked. Why?

“Why is it that an individual can put up a number of multi-storeyed buildings, and everybody finds it normal. But when  a church puts up a sanctuary that is imposing – the result of the collective efforts of several thousand people – questions get asked. Why?

“It is because people do not have the proper view of God. Prophet Isaiah boldly declared, “Your eyes will see the king in his beauty and view a land that stretches afar,” (Isa. 33:17). When we see God as He truly is, our horizon expands. Nothing is too hard for God.”

The growth of the Kingdom Seekers Fellowship is proof enough – that nothing is too hard for God. In a span of eight years, the Kingdom Seekers Fellowship, with headquarters in Nakuru town, has grown in numbers and impact, and is transforming lives across the country and beyond the borders of Kenya – all to the glory of God.

Apostle Kimani says that the expansion of the Kingdom seekers Fellowship is result of the application of divine principles – which should work for anybody, anywhere, because God is not a respecter of persons. He says that one can establish Christian ministry through hype and manipulation – but then, it would take the same to maintain the ministry. It is only when a ministry is established on divine principles that the impact and the fruit last.

“The first thing that you must do when you enlist for God’s service is seek His will. This is key. If I call you to my office, you don’t get in and start arranging chairs, or mop the floor. No; you wait for me to tell you why I called you. When you answer God’s call to serve Him, you must seek to find His will. What has He called you to do?

Romans 12:1, 2 says, “ Therefore, I urge you, my brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God – this is your spiritual act of worship. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

Each one of can respond to the call of God and operate in the will of God at three different levels. The first level is the good will of God. You will not be committing any sin if you operate at this level. You can marry any sister in the fellowship, or a sister can agree to get married to any brother; or you can begin ministry in any area of your choice – you won’t have committed any sin at all. However, if you operate at this level, you will only achieve 30% of what you were meant to achieve.

The second level is the pleasing will of God. You can start a children’s home; that is a noble thing to do. Or you can engage in some other charitable kind of work. But, if that really is not what God intended you to do, your fruitfulness will only be sixty fold.

The third level, which each one of us should desire to operate in, is the perfect will of God. God told Jeremiah, when He called him, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations,” (Jer. 1:5). And the Apostle Paul, writing to the believers in Ephesus, says that God chose us before the foundation of the world (Eph. 1:4). In the same letter, Paul says that “we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do,” (Eph. 2:10).

There is something that God did; there are things He put in you when He was forming you to enable you function in your calling. There are ministers who were called to be prophets, or evangelists. But, they are pastoring churches today. The consequence is that there is a high turnover of membership. After some time the members move, because there is something they know they need to get in order to mature in the faith, which they realize is missing.

The Apostle Paul told the saints at Colosse: “. . . since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you and asking God to fill you with the knowledge of His will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding. And we pray this in order that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and may please him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God . . .” (Col. 1:9, 10). If, as a believer you are filled with the knowledge of God, you will achieve 100% fruitfulness.

You always should be aware of the times and the season that you are in. The Bible talks about “the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do . . . .” (1 Chron. 12:32). God had led me through major times and seasons of life before I moved to Nakuru to begin a church ministry. I spent about ten years in preparation, from the time I quit my job with the government – serving the LORD wherever He sent me – before I launched into pastoral ministry. Those ten years contribute directly to the on-going growth of the Kingdom Seekers Fellowship.

Has God called you to serve Him? Be sensitive to know what He wants you to do at every time and in every season.

The second principle is enduring the test of time.

I thank God for the grace He has given me to stand through the years. When I quit my job with the government to commit all time to ministry work, my seniors thought I had lost my mind. They asked me what my new sources of income would be. I told them I had no guarantee of any income. They asked me if my parents would be offering me financial support. I told them I had been supporting my parents when I had the job, so I wasn’t expecting any support from them after quitting my employment. My seniors were convinced I had lost my mind; they sent me to a doctor to be examined.

I sold everything I had and remained with just a pair of bed-sheets. I had decided that I would proceed to the prayer caves in Karura Forest and spend my time there seeking God, until He revealed to me what He had called me to do. But one lady, a sister in the LORD who operated a kiosk told me that I could be sleeping in the kiosk, and leave early every morning before the kiosk started serving customers. That became my new home. I would pack my clothes in a paper bag – the yellow ones were the most popular in those days – and go for missions. Other times I would carry my clothes in a carton, and go for missions. On arrival, I would ask my hosts to place my carton where the brothers would be spending. Not knowing what was inside, sometimes they would ask whether they should take it to the room where the instruments had been stored! There are times I went for missions knowing I had no fare back at the end of the mission.

After some time, the kiosk business shut down. The premises were rent out to a pastor, who started a home for street children in the space that was formerly a kiosk. The owner of the kiosk that had shut down talked to the pastor and requested him to allow me to continue sleeping in the kiosk. He obliged. Whenever I happened to be in when food was being served, I would eat the same food that was served to the street children. Some brethren, knowing my condition, repeatedly offered to rent a house for me. I declined. I did not want anybody’s sympathy or pity to remove me from the path that God was leading me on.

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  1. Prince Mott Clay (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    Dad William, You are a great inspiration to me, my life has taken a new direction ever since i joined your ministry. We don’t know how to thank you as a family. May our dear father in Heaven continue upholding you and expanding your Ministry. God bless you dad.

  2. SARAH NJOKI (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    Apostel, you really blesses my heart.When will Nairob listeners get to hear you on radio and which radio will it be.Be blessed and continue doing Gods work couragiously.Please pray for me that i may discover Gods purpose for my life.Thanks and may God bless you and your family and Kingdom Seekers Ministry.

  3. joseph mutunga mulwa (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    what a man of GOD your really inspire your teaching,may god bless your 2 bless more pple

  4. Kennedy (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    Apostle William, God knows how much He has used you to change my life. I really needed to hear the truth preached and God brought me to Nakuru and then did I realize that truly there is a remnant and that it is possible to stand without compromise and prosper.
    May God bless you so much…I am indebted to Him.

  5. Samwel Kinuthia (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    Thats my Spiritual father.God bless you for ministering to me and God using you to change my Life.
    The message that completely changed my life was ‘The Fear Of God’ at a youth rally,i learnt to be who I am to open up to God coz anw He knos me,hypocracy kando do what is right not just when u r with people ata when u r alone.thats the fear of God,to hate Sin.I love you so much.

  6. Andrew Njuguna Maina (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    Apostle i thank God for every message i have heard from you you are a blessing to me and my entire family.May Almighty God bless you and continue expanding your boundaries.

  7. simon martin kabochi (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    Praise The Lord.
    I will be running for member of parliament for Nakuru Town East constituency. I humbly appeal for your prayers, counsel and support as we seek to impact and develop Nakuru together in line with God’s expectation.

    thanks and God bless.

  8. nobert nambiro bwire (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    apostle i admire your committment and service to the lord, how can i see you sir i live in nairobi

  9. Samuel (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    Apostle you have been giving inspiring sermon to I when I was in Nakuru June to Sept 2012 I wish I get The MBCI sanctuary photo For if God wish … Blessings.

  10. Christina Mueni (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    Apostle K. William,
    I thank God for powerfully ministering to me through you on GOD/SAYARE TV. I normally leave my tv on when i go to work and its always such a blessing to walk into the house to find you ministering. I have been growing spiritually and often when i’m seeking God in prayer and fasting He has spoken to me through the messages He gives you to me. Stand strong and we pray for your continued strength and blessing. Shalom.

  11. Valentine (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    This is so inspiring. You are my Role Model. God bless you richly

  12. Mrs Rose kangogo (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    Apostle,may God bless you richly for His own glory.i came to nakuru and attended the kesha that was so was ;to pay the cost of your calling; i was asking God to let me know my deep search of his will He told me i am an evangelist. I pray that i wil be able to evanglize as i am a person of few words n always have been keeping to myself.i want to do His willregardless of how i am.i request to know if i can get teachings on evangelism. May God reward your faithfulness in His word.amen

  13. Ng'ang'a (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    Apostle Kimani,
    I do watch your preaching and I seem to love it. But I have a number of questions to put across to you man of God,:- 1. Have you enquired from God whether your name is in the Lamb’s Book of life?
    2. The people you minister to in your “church’ will they make heaven by your teachings?
    3. As I watch you on TV , I ask myself – Do you believe in Holiness within and without?
    4.Who is your Father as pertaining the Gospel of Jesus Christ? and finally.
    5. Do you preach the same doctrine as was handed to him or them?
    The zeal you do display is wonderful,I love you with the love of God and the day we will meet you will proof this.

    thank you very much
    May The good God in the name of Jesus Christ grant you gold tried in the fire, and may He cloth you with white rainment so that you should not be ashamed and may He anoint your eyes that you may see- for say they have eyes but see not.

  14. GABRIEL NGANGA (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    Apostle you are really blessing to many.GOD through you willMAKE MANY establish their destinies and accomplish them it is not in vain you serously serve God COR 15;58.BE BLESSED

  15. Julia Kiluge (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    The bible says that we should be the doers of the word, and God always follow his word to confirm it. I really thank God always for the man of God he always encourages us to be doers of the word, for it is the word which will manifest as we obey. May God continue enriching him always.

  16. alukongo sixtus A (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    I thank God for he has been speaking to me through you, it has been some quiet long, watching and listener to you , believe you are my minter because am desiring to be a minister of Living God full time. i need some material especially on dealing with alter both. please post me how can i get to .thanks God Bless so much.

  17. kikaya keith (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    Hii pastor.
    Hope all is well in our lord Jesus Christ.Thanks for the great preachings I have read and head.May our good GOD give you stregth to cntinue with great massages.GOD bless you my dear .

  18. FRANCIS KARUGU KAMANJA (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    Servant of God, ur an inspiration 2 my life by ur teachings. May the Lord equip u more & His grace b e abundantly bestowed unto u.

  19. peter kamau grace (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    a great inspiration u are to the body of Christ…………….a few like you remain for the end times to inspire and build the body of Christ before He returns….keep up the good work and continue fighting this battle of faith……

  20. samuel nderitu (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    Praise God Apostle. Im blessed by your ministry. God bless you too.

  21. Tabitha Kimani (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011


    I have no words to explain all that has taken place in my life all round,since I joined your ministry after my relocation there.I have grown spiritually,known God more,I have learn to fear God and to hate sin and a lot which can not fit here.May God continuing filling you the more,protect and bless you with mum Pastor Naomi and your lovely children for the glory of God.Am proud for you,for the glory of God.

  22. Chekwechi Francis (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    I bless the Lord i came in Nakuru just to fellowship with you. man of God i want to tell you that if no one have ever told you that you are a blessing then you should know from today that you will remain a blessing in my life forever. i came with Apostle kiiza Aloysious and i was in the media team.

  23. Janet Wandao (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    That is an inspiring life history, Servant of THE MOST HIGH GOD. I am very touched that you are a conqueror amidst adversity. I AM

  24. Martha EDen Mathenge (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    My Daddy in the Lord! words cannot express the unspeakable joy within me i give God all the glory, for what He has done in my life Apostle Kimani God has used you tremendously to touch my life with life changing sermons from the pulpit all the way to the TV , am in Qatar as of now by the grace of God and how i wish i could be listening to your preaching via you tube, everytime when i come for vacation in dec i always purchase the dvd but i still need to be inspired continually. God bless the entire crew that works with you and the Body of Christ at large.

  25. korir johana (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    i belive i am in te right track sir i thought i wasnt right coz i hav bin told mostly i am rit,bt i thank GOD coz he gvs me joy at every step,u ar an enspiring man.

  26. Peter Musiega (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    Man of God poster William am blessed to have gone through your testimony (the seven principle article) and for real it has been a blessing. Stay ever blessed. Please pray for Me, God to loose my life and give Me a purpose to live.

  27. LUCCIE (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    You inspire me. you were sent to God in Nakuru. You are a great blessing in ma family. Av seen God blessing my family through giving. Man of God kudos.

  28. Pastor Otieno (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    Apostle,this is a great inspiration to me.i am challenged to seek more from God than man.THANK YOU SIR for hearing and obeying God in our time.

  29. Samuel mungai. (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    Apostle, Live Long and teach many the word. Love you Sir.

  30. sammy mbugua (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    pastor surely you are inspiring many,God bless you.

  31. WAMBUI LUCY (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    DAD william! ur an inspiration and motivator of my LIFE. Since childhood u have impacted my life n i pray that our good Lord keep u to impact many. I pray that every member of NEEMA MINISTRY WHEREVER they r to b lifted as they continue keeping the flag of our lord jesus high. i desire to hear u preach at “HUNGER” ONCE PREACHED at G R C gatukuyu

  32. samuel mugo (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    man of GOD:ever since i joined kingdon seekers my life has never been the same .i dont know how best to bless the lord for were born for such a time as this

  33. jack chege (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    May God bless Apostle KImani and KSF.My life is aliving testimony of Gods work through you.i a have been blessed in every meeting,crudase,kesha and service i have attended in KSF.I pray that God may give mi a job in NAKURU after my studies so that i can also humbly serve in your church.Amen

  34. Eric cherop (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    Amen and amen. So touched

  35. Magezi Joshua (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    Am always inspired by your commitment to God…
    U make me see God and his abilities in my life.

  36. simon (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    i bless God for raising you at such a time as this man of God. i get challenged every time i listen to you.barikiwa and pray for me that i may not lose track.